If you google “bail bonds” in California, the one and only Reidy Bail Bonds will pop up, and not because of marketing, but because they have been consistently serving the community for 74 years. Reidy Bail Bonds have been in business since 1957, started by Jack Reidy a retired Alameda County Sheriff.  It was later taken over by his son Michael when he returned from Vietnam.  Michael owned it in the beginning in partnership with another but became sole owner when he passed, leaving him the sole owner. Debbie Martinez was a clerk for Reidy when she worked with him in 1994 as a part-time job. When Jack’s health took a turn for the worst a few years later Debbie started working full time and upon his retirement in 2002, she bought the business from them.  Debbie, being a minority and bilingual herself has definitely focused her efforts on helping other minorities, and communities surrounding the San Francisco Bay area.  Although Reidy Bail Bonds does not limit themselves to only the Bay area, they are serving people all across the state of California. 

Here are 4 top reasons you should choose Reidy Bail Bonds; 

  1. Reidy prides itself in being as accommodating to the customer as possible from clear communication on working out how they will pay their bail, and what works for them, their income style, and timeline. 
  2. Because Reidy is a small family-owned business they provide a more personal service; such as house calls so elderly grandparents don’t have to drive in the middle of the night or a mom with small children.  We bail out members of families who have been using Reidy Bail Bonds for years and years, we might have bailed out someone in the 1960s and now we are bailing out their children or grandchildren.
  3. They don’t discriminate against anyone, because of the case held against them. They honour the law of “innocent until proven guilty.” Their non-bias point of view allows them to treat each customer equally and with respect, in order the help with their best outcome scenario. 
  4. They have co-signers for the defendant’s they bail who are also held responsible for the inmates showing up to court, so the defendant is held accountable by Reidy and a family member or friend who secures the bail. If they miss court Reidy will look for them and get them back to court without any cost to the state. This helps lower the rate of the inmate committing more crimes. Usually, when the state releases inmates who feel they have lesser crimes, it has been shown that those inmates go out a commit more crimes, since there isn’t anyone who holds them accountable. 

  The state of California has tried to implement a no bail state but it was overturned in a vote by the local bail bonds companies in an appeal.  This was a huge win for all bail bonds companies, and as bail bonds agents are responsible for the defendants once they bail out.  Those who are arrested for more serious crimes can bail out and again are held accountable and if they are innocent they don’t need to sit in jail while they fight their case.  Without bail, those who are arrested on more serious cases would not be able to bail out and would have to sit in jail until the case is resolved, regardless of guilt or innocence.

Without Bail Bonds companies, It would cost the state millions and millions of dollars. The reality is that Police Departments aren’t staffed with enough –people to go out and chase every person who misses court.  Probation Departments would have to monitor inmates released without bail and they are already overworked.  Reidy Bail Bonds provides accountability for inmates they bail out and if they don’t find them the state makes money because it is now the bail bonds companies responsibility to pay the bail money 

Reidy Bail Bonds prides themselves in always following through on their cases, even if it means flying to another country to hunt down the person who skipped out on bail. They are truly the longest-lasting bail bonds company in the state of California and consistently in the top ten bail bonds companies serving the greater Bay Area. 

So if you need to hire a bail bonds WOMAN call Debbie Martinez with Reidy Bail Bonds at 888-508-3201