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Providing fast and reliable bail services to California since 1957

Bailing a loved one out of jail can be a very stressful process. At Reidy Bail Bonds, we offer more than 50 years of knowledge and experience to assure you that you are in the right hands.

Here at Reidy Bail Bonds you can expect a well-informed, knowledgeable and qualified professional bail group. We are willing to spend the time to listen to your circumstances and explain how the bail bond process works. We will give you direction and explain what your choices are in posting a bail bond for your loved one. We will share our information, experience and knowledge in order for you to have all the essential information to make the most informed and best bail bond decision.

At Reidy Bail Bonds we are aware and understand that it is an unfortunate encumber when you come across this type of financial burden and we always make every effort to find ways to reduce this burden. Reidy Bail Bonds is affordable, rapid, and trouble-free. We have taken care of thousands of individuals who were in need of a bail bonds throughout California.

We offer payment plans with no collateral (in most cases), which means you don’t have to worry about waiting to get your loved one out.

With our 24-hour customer service, you can ask us any question, any time, day or night! Our specialists will be able to help you with any questions you may have concerning bailing your loved one.

  • Established in 1957, we proudly offer you more than 50 years of bail bonds knowledge & experience!
  • Informed, Creative & Affordable!
  • 24-Hour Emergency Bails.
  • House calls available.
  • Payment plans with no collateral necessary in most cases.
  • We will always take care of you with dignity and respect.
  • Free, confidential bail advice.
  • Payment Plans and Credit available.
  • We service all courts and jails.
  • Our agents offer courteous and professional service.
  • No bond is too large or too small for us.
  • We offer timely service – You Ring, We Spring!


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Reidy Bail Bonds

Bail Bond Agreement

WHEREAS, the “Bailer”, hereinafter called the First Party, whether one or more, have made or do now make application to the “Bailee” hereinafter called the Second Party, to have executed or secure the execution by the Reidy Bail Bonds, a corporation, hereinafter called the Surety, of a Bail Bond in the penal sum of the amount entered in the “Online Payments” section of, on behalf of hereinafter called the Defendant, and WHEREAS, upon and with the express understanding and condition that this agreement would be executed by the First Parties, the Second Party has heretofore arranged for the execution of said Bail Bond or does hereby agree to arrange for the execution of the same.

NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the Second Party arranging for the execution of the Bail Bond aforementioned, or in the event that said Bail Bond shall already have been executed and the Defendant re-leased from custody thereon, then and for and in consideration of the Second Party causing the Surety to permit the Defendant to remain for the time being free from the custody of the Court under said Bail Bond, the First Party and each of them do hereby jointly and severally agree and promise as follows:

FIRST TO PAY TO THE SECOND PARTY THE SUM OF the amount entered in the “Online Payments” section of as premium for and upon the execution of said Bail Bond and a like sum annually in advance each year hereafter until the Surety shall be legally discharged from all liability thereunder, and to pay to the Second Party charges for extraordinary services, if any.
The said premium shall be regarded as fully earned immediately upon the filing of said Bail Bond, and the fact that the Defendant may have been improperly taken into custody or his Bail reduced, or his cause dismissed forthwith shall not obligate the Second Party to waive or return said premium or any portion thereof.

SECOND To indemnify and to at all times save harmless the Second Party or the Surety from and against any and all liability, demands, expenses. attorney’s fees, debts, damages, judgments, or losses of every kind, character or nature that the Second Party or the Surety shall or may at any time or for any cause sustain, incur or be put to by reason of the execution or the arranging or obtaining the execution of the bail bond aforementioned or any renewal thereof or any bond issued in continuance thereof or as a substitute therefor; to pay to the Second Party or the Surety immediately upon demand the penal amount of said bail bond whenever the Second Party or the Surety deems such payment necessary for protection, upon any change of condition which increases the hazard, which sum shall be retained and used by the Second Party or the Surety as security hereunder; TO PAY TO THE SECOND PARTY OR THE SURETY IMMEDIATELY UPON THE DECLARATION OF FORFEITURE OF SAID BAIL BOND THE PENAL AMOUNT THEREOF.

THIRD To aid and cooperate with the Second Party or the Surety in securing the release or exoneration of the Second Party or the Surety from any and all liability under said bail bond, including the surrender of the Defendant to the custody of the Court should the Second Party or the Surety in its sole discretion deem such action necessary or advisable, and even though such surrender may have been made before the bail bond has been forfeited or any liability incurred thereon by the Second Party or the Surety and no obligation shall exist on the part of the Second Party or the Surety to return or waive the premium or any portion thereof, except as may be otherwise required by law or the rules of the Insurance Commissioner.

FOURTH To reimburse the Second Party or the Surety, in an amount not to exceed the penal amount of the bail bond, for any and all expenses or liabilities incurred in searching for, recapturing or returning the Defendant to the custody of the Court, including salaries of employees during the time spent apprehending or endeavoring to apprehend the Defendant, expenses for private detectives, rewards, traveling expenses, telegrams, telephone calls, automobile expenses, railroad or air fares, meals and any and all other expenses or liabilities incurred by the Second Party or the Surety as necessary or incidental in apprehending or in endeavoring to apprehend the Defendant, including also liability for attorney’s fees incurred by the Second Party or the Surety in making application to the Court for an order to vacate or set aside the order of forfeiture or the judgment entered thereon and even though such expenses may have been incurred before any order had been made forfeiting said bail bond or even though such expenses may have been incurred after the time for the setting aside of the forfeiture declared upon the said bail bond shall have expired; that an itemized statement of such expenses sworn to by the Second Party or any officer or attorney-in-fact of the Surety shall be accepted as prime facie evidence of the fact and extent of such expenses in any and all suits hereunder. All money owing to the Second Party, pursuant to this Agreement, that is in arrears for a period of 30 days, shall accrue monthly at the highest legal rate of interest. Additionally, First Party hereby authorizes Second Party to conduct a credit check and other financial inquiries on First Party.

FIFTH This agreement shall apply to any and all other bail bonds executed for the Defendant on the same charge for which the above mentioned bail bond was executed or any other charge connected therewith or arising out of the same general transaction or circumstances regardless of whether said bail bond or bonds are filed before or after conviction or on appeal, but not in a greater amount.

SIXTH That any and all money or other property which the undersigned or any of them have paid or deposited or may pay or deposit with the Second Party or the Surety, or which is or may at any time be in the hands of the Second Party or the Surety belonging to the undersigned, may be held by the Second Party or the Surety as collateral or at the option of the Second Party or the Surety may be applied as collateral security or indemnity for the matters contained herein or any of them. But nothing herein shall be a waiver by the depositor of any money or property or by any guarantor of any right or rights he may have or shall hereafter acquire in connection therewith as against the Surety.

SEVENTH To pay the Second Party or the Surety attorney’s fees in the event of suit hereunder for breach of this agreement incurred by the Second Party or the Surety under this indemnity agreement.

EIGHTH In making application for the hereinabove described bail bond we warrant all of the statements made on the reverse of this page to be true and we agree to advise the Second Party or the Surety or its agent of any change (especially change of address) within 48 hours after such change has occurred and agree that any failure to so notify shall be cause for the immediate surrender of the Defendant.

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